INCAS³ is an independent, private, non-profit top technology institute dedicated to solving challenging industrial and social technological problems by combining academic and engineering excellence. Developments are performed by doctoral students, postdoctoral researchers and senior scientists in collaboration with a team of skilled engineers from the headquarters in Assen, The Netherlands, as well as within internationally renowned partner institutes.


9.75 million euro for Innovating Dutch and German SMEs 04 Nov 2016

Over 100 Dutch and German companies will benefit in the coming years from the 9.75 million Euros granted today to INCAS³ in Assen and Hochschule Osnabrück. The funding comes from the European INTERREG VA program and will enable the ID3AS project, a cross-border cooperation to increase the competitive advantage of SMEs in the north of the Netherlands and Germany, creating jobs and strengthening the economy.

INCAS³ invited to register for the King Willem I Prize 04 Nov 2016

The Advisory Panel for the Dutch national business award, known as the King Willem I Prize, has officially invited INCAS³ to register. The theme of the King Willem I 2016 prize is “creating the future”. It is dedicated to recognizing companies, like INCAS³, that spearhead novel products and services that are relevant to the Dutch society and environment. The winner of the King Willem I Prize will be announced in May 2016. For more information about this prize (in Dutch), please visit:

INCAS³ in the SME Innovation Top 100 04 Nov 2016

The Netherlands Chamber of Commerce has announced that INCAS³ is one of the 100 companies that have been selected as the most innovation Dutch companies. A panel of innovation experts made this selection from a large number of entries for a listing in the annual SME Innovation Top 100. All nominations are assessed for impact on industry and society, originality, availability and turnover and growth potential. On October 1st, during the Day of Innovation, the most innovative company out of the selected 100 will be announced and the full ranking will become available.

Products & Services

Distrisense- Asset monitoring

Distrisense asset monitoring is offered as a commercial product. The system enables a cost-effective network of sensors to be installed, which notifies operators whenever an abnormal measurement is taken. Within the DistriSense EFRO project, low-cost hardware for sensing, energy management and communication were developed, together with adaptive statistical filters that ‘learn’ spatio-temporal patterns so that measurements can be labeled as ‘expected’ or not. The technology is suitable to monitor drinking water supply and detects small water losses. To this end, Distrisense has a low-cost sensor for water velocity, pressure and temparature which is suitable for permanent monitoring of large networks. The concept can of course be extended to any parameter of interest in any spatially distributed monitoring challenge. End-users are utilities, water companies in the Netherlands, Europe and internationally.

Ethernet Sound Interface (ESI)

For source selective measurements in urban environments and airports. The Ethernet sound interface (ESI) is a networked audio device for excellent quality sound capturing, capable of recording with an extensive dynamic range (from rustling leaves to passing fighter jets). ESI is available as product and service. ESI features two channels and due to its large bandwidth it is able to record analog audio up to 96 kHz with 24 bit resolution. ESI is suitable for sound recognition and applications in medical diagnostics. End users are engineering companies, municipalities, healthcare organisations.


Mote technology focuses on the development of versatile autonomous sensor systems for exploring inaccessible areas, where modern state-of-art technologies cannot be applied.

Potential and Current Applications

  • Exploration of underground environments (oil reservoirs, mining, geothermal fields)
  • Study multiphase fluid dynamic in industrial reactors and pipelines, hydraulic structures
  • Monitoring flow processes in natural ecosystems (rivers, aquifers)



The research program ID3AS is executed with the lead partner Hochschule Osnabrück. The project period is july 2015-july 2019. Goals of ID3AS are:


In this 2-year research project INCAS3 and partners develop a real-time monitoring system for the drinking water network. The project started mid 2015 and will be finished in 2017. Traditionally, the quality of drinking water is either monitored while leaving the treatment plant or right before it enters the local water distribution system. Therefore the consumer is the first to notice issues with the drinking water quality, e.g. due to a pipeline breach, which is obviously too late for any pre-emptive action.


Coordinated by the Technical University Eindhoven, and in collaboration with KU Leuven, and ICE RWTH Aachen, Phoenix is a highly multidisciplinary endeavor that combines expertise in engineering and the Natural Sciences with Evolutionary Computation and Knowledge Representation. This 4-year project started 1st October 2015.

Region Of Smart Factories (ROSF)

In this research INCAS3 is knowledge partner and contributes to the smart industry agenda of the Netherlands. The four-year program Regions of Smart Factories started in january 2016 and consist of three lines of action:
Action 1: Merging competencies and further development in pilot projects Action Line 2: Knowledge, education and anchoring Action Line 3: Business development for SMEs


Assen (Headquarters)

INCAS³ Head office


Dr. Nassaulaan 9
9401 HJ Assen
The Netherlands

Driving directions:

From the train station in Assen to the INCAS³ office it is a 14 minute walk. Taxis are available at the station.


INCAS³ Engineering (Building KVI-CART)


Zernikelaan 25
9747 AA Groningen
The Netherlands

Driving directions:

Car park There is a public parking facility opposite the KVI building.

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