Focus areas

Human-Centered Monitoring

Human-Centered Monitoring (HCM) is an approach to analyzing acoustic aspects of complex, dynamic environments. Coupling state-of-the-art sonic technology with techniques from psychology, linguistics, and anthropology, systems can be deployed in a single room or over an entire city. Research in this line focuses on how the different relationships between meanings, signals, and behavior drives the transition from sensor data to human knowledge. Whether alerting nurses that a patient is choking, characterizing the ambiance in busy plazas, or helping patients track the progression of Parkinson's Disease, we provide solutions to a range of questions, without recourse to invasive and costly video monitoring. 



  • Urban planning: Living labs to characterize soundscapes, microclimates, and human behavior  
  • Safety & security: Acoustic monitoring for safer communities 
  • Care facilities: Audio tools to ensure that the at-risk efficiently recieve the care they need 
  • Voice analysis: Using voice to detect intoxication, pathologies, and more



  • Environmental WiseMotes™
  • Acoustic event detection
  • Questionnaires, focus groups and activity maps
  • Expert knowledge elicitation and incorporation



  • HCM Assen: Describing correlations between sound, urban morphology and behavior 
  • HCM Zernike Campus: Identifying activity patterns of students, professors, and staff 
  • HCM Care: Helping caregivers remotely recognize emergencies 
  • HCM Voice: Voice-based disease recognition




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